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The internet has given us access to online galleries, art studios and other art platforms worldwide. • So many people say, “I wish I’d bought it”, and then it was too late.

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” • Don’t be afraid to be eclectic in your selection, your tastes will change over time anyway.It will help to give you a greater understanding of the ‘artist behind the work’.This is helpful if they work in a style that is unfamiliar to you. What to buy If you’re still unsure, then start small. If your budget is tight or you can’t afford the original piece, consider Limited edition prints.Music Dating is designed especially for Australian singles that enjoy music, be it rock, metal, pop, classical, etc.We are the leading music dating site, helping thousands of music loving singles find their true love.We have thousands of singles throughout Australia joining every day.

Register for free and search Music Dating Sydney, Music Dating Perth, Music Dating Brisbane, Music Dating Canberra and Music Dating Melbourne and every other major city, state and territory. If your local area is not show, don't worry, just register using the above form and select you area later.

This a great way to collect some fabulous art from some promising creatives. • Galleries; public and private • Artist run studios or co-operatives • Local exhibitions, group and solo shows. • Museums • Art Appreciation or art history courses. Check out Art Lovers Australia and have fun exploring!

When you see artists you like, read the ‘About section’, CV resume, Artist’s Bio.

All these are opportunities in which we can engage with art and artists. Where to look for, and learn about Art There are lots of options for finding and learning about art, which is a great idea if you’re new to the ‘art game’. This is a basic and solid foundation for starting an art collection. Andrea also runs online and offline courses on Art Appreciation and Art history. • If you buy what you love you will have a collection to be proud of. • Select works that are technically competent, both in design, balance and colour.

While big name artists may be out of reach for the average income, consider emerging and mid-career artists. Getting started Although the options and choices can seem overwhelming, here are some tips to make it easy. Here’s some suggestions to get you started; • Online Art Galleries, like Art Lovers Australia for example. Most serious artists these days have an online presence or website.

After all, if you make a ‘faux pas’, it won’t be so obvious. The art you buy doesn’t have to appeal to everyone else; it’s about what you love! Limited editions are usually a very small number of prints, numbered and signed by the artist.