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“Within the premium segment, the momentum behind OLED is gathering pace as high-end brands put their weight behind the technology,” Bryant said.However, TCL, Hisense and Samsung are all pushing the rival QLED technology, which is essentially an effort to squeeze more performance out of ageing LCD display technology.

An estimated 10.7 million Echo units had been sold since its launch in late 2014 to May this year, according to US-based Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, a figure no doubt behind the number of rival products from many top brands at Europe’s biggest consumer tech fair, IFA, currently running in Berlin.LG’s short-throw projector, the Pro Beam HF85JA, can put a 100-inch image on a wall from just 12cm away, while Epson’s EH-LS100 achieves 130 inches from just 6cm away.Analysts have been predicting for years that projectors will one day bring a future of “screenless TVs”, and at IFA we may have had a glance at the truly bezel-less big picture of the future. Als Wissenschaftszentrum besitzt Darmstadt eine Strahlkraft, die weit über Hessen hinausreicht: Knapp 30.000 der insgesamt fast 150.000 Einwohner Darmstadts sind Studenten, das Stadtbild ist modern und jugendlich.Der Immobilienmarkt der südhessischen Stadt zeigt sich entsprechend dynamisch: Immobilien in Darmstadt sind gesucht, angebotene Wohnungen sind oft nach nur wenigen Tagen bereits vergeben.TCL also showed off a special black edition of its 4.5-inch Black Berry Key One handset.

If IFA is anything to go by, smartwatches appear to be a dwindling category.

Using Alexa, Amazon’s cloud-based voice assistant, users can ask the Echo to play a particular song, make basic web searches, compile to-do lists, and even get traffic updates or weather forecasts.

Google’s similar Home speaker uses Google Assistant, while Apple will sell its Siri-powered Home Pod for about HK$3,500 (US$450) from December. In Berlin, the likes of Panasonic, Sony, Harman Kardon, Onkyo, Libratone and Anker all revealed similar products that will be on the shelves before the Home Pod.

Mit dem Immobilienmarkt des Darmstädter Echo verpassen Sie kein Immobilienangebot mehr: Alle Angebote lokaler Makler sowie großer Portale sowie exklusive Zeitungsinserate finden Sie zusammengefasst in einer Suche.

Als Universitätsstadt ist Darmstadt mit seiner Technischen Universität besonders bei jungen Menschen beliebt.

Fitbit’s Ionic was the biggest announcement; the brand’s first smartwatch will have a four-day battery life, act as a swim tracker and even be capable of making payments.