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Hello When a user used to click 'yes' to me on the meet me feature I used to get an automatic email informing me of this and then I could follow the link in the email to that users profile. Subsequently I no longer get the notification email when someone has clicked 'yes' to me. Or just delete it altogether.....because it serves no useful purpose. You generate automatic emails to the people for whom we click "Yes" or "Maybe." However, you don't say this.

I've receive an email saying an account wants to meet me, but with no link to the that request. I've clicked on 'Users that want to meet you', but the request is not there, just a link to the account that requested. Sending a message seems a bit much when they never sent a message, just clicked some option that they want to meet me. Furthermore: When I look at a profile, I am not seeing the option of asking the user to meet me. This is the message I received by email:"username wants to meet you!It's a shame, really, but now I know just to ignore these messages and not worry about hurting feelings.The really unfortunate part is that it would be a truly GREAT feature if it was used more was ON THE PROFILE..if the person who clicked it had to add a line or two of text before sending.In situations where someone indicates they want to meet you, you navigate to meet me either online or on the mobile app, the user has to sort through a plethora of individuals that they have no interest in just to find the one they might be. Don't worry, new users will be added to the list soon.1.Please consider modifying this policy and this site to accomodate your users. EVERY woman you showed me lives farther away than the 75-mile limit specified in my contact restrictions.2.Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. How do u use the meet me app, is it something u click on a persons profile?? (Hope this makes sense lol) plus ppl have clicked they would want to meet me yet don't reply to messages which i don't understand lol xx Thanks in advance x Quick Facts and Known Issues (Unfortunately this is how the site wants it, regardless of all the issues or else they would have been addressed by now - possibly).

Please note that the Meet Me feature is not on a member's profile, but rather, on a separate page accessed via the Meet Me link in the POF menu bar at the top of any page in the Dating side of the site.

Anybody get any ideas as to how I start getting those notification emails again? Am I reading the FAQ correctly in that we have no way to opt out of this or not get the (somewhat rude) meet me message. If they're not sure, they can read the profile and click on the back button once they've made their decision. Or instead of a "Maybe" button, make it a "Skip" button and have the skipped person show up again later. Really, WHY send an email notification that "someone wants to meet you" when they've clicked "MAYBE"????? In the spirit of being constructive: PLEASE, consider moving this "button" to the actual profile. When the automatic emails come from women who clicked "Yes" or "Maybe" in response to my photos, they have no idea that they generated an email to me until I tell them how it happened. If I attempt to email these women, ONLY THEN do you check to see if I live within their distance limit.5.

It is extremely frustrating to receive all the emails from people who have not take nthe time to read your profile, and who in no way fit into any category that you are looking for-they just see a picture of you and send the MEET ME demand-like that is going to happen. and I see that when I am on a rant I should slow down to proof read, and spell check so no need to point those out to me. Lots of women in your database live within 75 miles of me.

On second thought, does the Maybe not send the auto-generated email?

I know the site does not allow users to delete entries of users that have indicated they want to meet you. From a user that has used this site for several months, there are a ton of people that may indicated they want to meet you, but you may not have any interest in.

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