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I couldn’t get a good look at her legs, but I was happy to check her boobs one more time. I have a whole bunch of questions here that I have to ask.” I reached for my t-shirt, but she picked it up and set it aside before I could grab it. These thoughts did little to distract me from being almost completely naked in front of a woman.I swear that top button of hers wasn’t undone when I first came in. My birthday was last month..14th.” “Ah, a Scorpio.” She said this like it had some special meaning. She sat on a rolling stool and scooted it up close to the table as I lay back. At least I still had my socks on to save me from total indignity. See and touch.” She made a few more notes and I wondered if she noticed my dick twitching with those last questions.

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I was no doubt freaked out by all of this, but at the same time I couldn’t stop being aroused by it. Do you prefer nurses with small breasts or big breasts? “Big breasts would be my answer then.” I looked over at her to make sure she knew I was joking (but not really). “The problem we have now is that I can’t send you back to class in this condition. ” “Good enough for me.” Nurse Cady began stroking me. It had to be some sort of elaborate, x-rated version of . She watched what she was doing with that little smile on her lips. “Okay, thanks.” “I’ve seen a lot of cocks over the years, so I know what I’m talking about.” Her other hand cupped my balls.“Okay, Alex Kussler.” She was holding a clipboard and filling something out on it. She asked some boring questions like about how tall I was, what I weighed, if I’d ever had any health problems and junk like that. “Let’s go through the rest of these survey questions, then we’ll get you back to class. ” “No.” “If given the opportunity, would you like to see and/or touch a vagina? She went out and put the clipboard on her desk in the other room, then came back in and closed the door again.Just when I was beginning to think my stupid boner would finally go away, she started asking a different kind of question. Have you ever stimulated your anus during masturbation? ” “Yes, your butthole.” “I know what an anus is, but…” “They basically want to know if you ever play with your ass when you jerk off.” “Nooo.” “Have you ever inserted an object in your anus? At the side of the table she crossed her arms and looked at my boner. ” My mind and mouth weren’t operating properly together. “Uh huh.” “For this to be legal, I need to hear you say the words, Alex.” “Um...She was wearing a bra underneath, but it wasn’t one of those plain kind that my mom usually buys -- it looked like one of the fancy lacy Victoria Secret kind.She squeezed her bazooms together and they practically popped out of the top of her bra.I suspected she was making this last longer than it had to.

“It’s an acquired taste.” She looked wistfully at my dick.

“Come help Alex to the nurse’s office.” Michelle met her assignment with a roll of her eyes.

“Come on in,” Nurse Cady said with a concerned smile. “Let’s take a look.” She helped me into the examination room. Then I realized she was talking about my knee -- which was getting pretty swollen, too. “Let’s see if you can straighten it.” She supported my leg as I extended it. “Nothing hurts there,” I told her, hoping to keep her from getting any closer to my groinal area. “There, see, that’s not so bad,” Nurse Cady said in her soothing tone. The nurse’s hands then slipped a little higher and they were suddenly up inside the leg of my gym shorts. It’s probably less than that.” “No, that’s a good number.” She gave me a look. And, knowing my luck, I probably had a boner there too. ” “Uh..” “Mm, I bet you do,” Nurse Cady said to herself as she marked the form. “Turn your head to the left.” She stepped up close to me, and placed two fingers up under my balls. “The testicles feel good.” “The doctor never--” “I have to be thorough,” she said, cutting me off. “Urethral opening looks clear, aside from a small amount of pre-ejaculate.” It was the first time a female had ever handled my dick.

“I just...well, it wouldn’t be...because…” “Alex, relax. I’m a nurse.” Her hands remained high up on my thigh. You don’t have to be embarrassed with me.” Oh God, she knew. Nothing to do but get this over with as quickly as possible, then go join the French Foreign Legion. ” “No, I guess not.” Her examination continued and I could feel one of her fingertips occasionally glide along the inside edge of my tightie-whities. “A lot of girls like that.” She waggled her eyebrows at me suggestively. She was definitely pretty, but not in a very showy way. You’re a very sexual y oriented young man.” “Are there many more questions like this? ” “A little.” “There nothing to be embarrassed about, Alex. “Everything looks perfect down there, Alex.” She gave my butt one of her friendly pats. Now let me help you back up onto the table.” I reached for my shorts, but she held me back.

She was only centimeters from my balls for God’s sake! Her body was fit, though she had somewhat wide hips and was what could be described as full-breasted. I’m not judging you.” She reached out and gave my arm a reassuring caress. There’s nothing you can say that I haven’t already heard before.” I nodded, even though I didn’t feel any more comfortable. “You can put those on after we’re done.” As I lay back down on the crinkly paper, I thought about Nurse Cady’s legs.

If the girls get a look at that monster I’ll be dealing with a flood of fainting cases.” She smiled and nudged me to make sure I was in on the gag. I’ve been trying.” “Well, I only know of one surefire medical procedure to alleviate your problem. From the looks of it, she was enjoying this almost as much as I was. “Have any other girls told you what a nice cock you have?