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I had nothing more than an unspoken gut feeling, but it was enough to pique my interest (later, when I discovered Mannam’s true nature, the article was edited to remove any mention of them).

I’ve heard them describe Jesus as being promised in the Old Testament, fulfilled in the New Testament, and in a similar way they see Lee Man-hee as promised in the New Testament. He started SCJ in 1984, when the Universe completed its first orbit.Mannam is a humanitarian group, and they would not turn away this cult just because you hate them. Such an opinion is usually accompanied by a complete ignorance of SCJ’s teachings and history coupled with a reluctance to correct that ignorance.If you are going to form an opinion about SCJ by its front groups and the nice young people in them, you might as well form an opinion about North Korea by believing its propaganda.It sends members to university campuses to work on attracting young girls, a popular commodity for cults that use honeytrap tactics.Most Korean churches quickly learned what they were doing and began posting anti-SCJ posters on their doors forbidding the subverters from entering.The closer we looked at Mannam, the more distinctive some of their features emerged, leading to the secret of their true nature. In your very first Mannam class, they teach you the phrase When light and light meet, there is victory, or in Korean, 빛과 빛의 만남은 이김.

They had that hand gesture, with the thumb and forefinger extended like you’re pretending to hold a gun. Turns out, this is kind of an anagram of two Korean names, 김남희 and 이만희, with particles added and converting 희 into 빛, another derivation from the same Chinese character as I understand it.

I met a Mannam volunteer who was offering a trip to Ganghwa-do as well as several other services, including free Korean lessons.

That piqued my interest because I was planning to write an article about free Korean lessons.

The news spread fast, devastating foreign attendance in Mannam’s numerous, numerous branches and clubs. Well, these people would respond, they’ve never mentioned religion at any of the classes I’ve attended. Was it possible SCJ was just one of many backers of Mannam? People who think SCJ is harmless simply have no idea what they are talking about, says Peter Daley.

Mannam didn’t like a cult because they weren’t actively recruiting for a religion, and they allowed members of all religions (or no religions) to join. (Spoiler: SCJ 100% funded and controlled Mannam’s activities from behind closed doors.) 4. Such an opinion is usually based on attendance at peripheral events organized by SCJ front groups like Mannam and perhaps friendships formed with Korean members at those events.

Putting aside his apparent preaching for peace, he also claims Anyone who hears the testimony about the fulfillment of the New Testament prophecies and refuses to believe it will be destroyed, just like the people in the time of Adam and Lot.