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Who is gloria allred dating

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The jury on the criminal case is currently deliberating as both sides await a verdict.

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Allred, who’s perhaps best known for taking on high-profile cases involving women, has been watching Cosby’s sexual-assault trial closely from the benches of the Montgomery County courthouse outside of Philadelphia.She claims Cosby invited her to the Playboy Mansion (knowing she was underage) and sexually assaulted her.“She alleged that she was a victim of childhood sexual abuse,” said Allred.Allred is representing Judy Huth, a woman alleging Cosby raped her when she was just 15 years old.Huth first met the comedian in 1974 when he was filming a movie in Los Angeles, according to a court filing from 2014.Heathcliff Huxtable or a lecherous man who’s admitted to providing women with Quaaludes under the most questionable of circumstances.

If you believe his accusers, Cosby’s been assaulting women with the help of drugs for more than four decades.

“His favorite saying is ‘Don’t start the fight, finish it,’ ” Woytek told me recently.

“He’s a big Gloria fangirl.” Allred called her the next day.

Depending on when that happens, which could be in the next few hours, days, or weeks, Allred will hold a press conference at the courthouse.

Several of Cosby’s accusers are expected to be standing by her side, whatever the outcome.

If you side with the defense, he’s just a famous person who is being wrongly accused.