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World of warcraft intimidating shout

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Well, the official number is 1 in 8192, or 0.0122%. In celebration of these majestic creatures that are almost impossible to find, I have compiled a list of the top 8 shiny Pokemon.

The anime hairstyle on its head also still looks great.To be a true Pokémon master, you need to be decked with not only the toughest of monsters, but also the best looking ones.Sure, legendary Pokémon are technically “legendary,” but they aren’t all that hard to find or catch.[HT: Image courtesy of deviant Art // artist: All0412] At the top of our list is this tank of a monster, Metagross. Not only will this addition to your team bolster the squad in toughness, but, if you are lucky enough to get a shiny version, you will strike fear along with admiration.According to the Pokémon manga, Metagross has four brains. Its original blue color with silver cross doesn’t have the same amount of gravitas that the silver with gold has.Plus, it evolved from a sheep creature so it is just confusing.

The pink with the blue orb on the end of its tail is a perfect combo and makes Ampharos look like something straight out of a fairytale. [HT: Image courtesy of deviant Art // artist purplekecleon] Let me make one thing clear: Luxray needed no help looking exquisite.

The lion-looking monster had the black and blue going for it and it works.

But, all yellow with black looks even more threatening and menacing than ever before.

[HT: Image courtesy of deviant Art // artist: Elsdrake] The new kid on the block has definitely made a splash (pun intended).

This amphibian-like creature is all sorts of slick, with the sweet poses and even the tongue wrapping around like a scarf looking fresh. The variant version just takes that cool level over the top, with the same sort of color palette used on shiny Charizard.

The shiny verision, though, turns Lucario into a wolverine- or scorpion-looking fighter.